Report: Trump Will ‘Go Crazy’ If Congress Doesn’t Fund His Border Wall


President Donald Trump appears to be on a collision course with Congress over their unwillingness to fund his long-awaited border wall.

There is a stark divide over spending priorities between Trump and Congressional leadership, who have no intention of funding the 40-to-50-foot solar-paneled wall Trump has spent much time discussing, according to Axios. The president, who is currently unaware of the degree of congressional opposition, will “go crazy” when he learns of the reality, sources close to Trump told Axios’ Mike Allen.

The division over spending priorities between the nationalist wing of the Trump administration, led by Steve Bannon, and congressional republicans has the potential to result in a government shut down.

Trump finds himself in a politically perilous situation as Congress approaches the fall session. He has so strongly committed himself to a border wall that a failure to deliver could imperil his popularity among his most ardent supporters. This places his priorities out of step with GOP leadership, who must pass legislation to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government before the end of September.

Republican leaders have reportedly discussed approaches to appease Trump short of backing the wall, like providing additional funding to combat the violent gang MS-13. But sources close to Trump say he is absolutely unwilling to compromise on the issue.

White House Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney came out Thursday in support of Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin’s proposed “clean” debt ceiling increase, which would raise the debt ceiling without attaching any additional provisions.

It is unclear whether the GOP will be able to rally the 60 votes required to pass the legislation in the Senate as they will likely face objections to increasing the debt ceiling without attaching any spending limits from the conservative wing of the party. Congress has until the end of September to raise the debt ceiling. If the GOP is not up to the task, the federal government will default on its loans, resulting in financial catastrophe.

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