Report: Gun Confiscations Surge Under California Red Flag Law


Figures From The California Justice Department Show That Gun Confiscations Are Surging Under The State’s Red Flag Law.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports there were 86 gun confiscation orders issued in California in 2016 and 104 in 2017. There were 424 orders issued in 2018.

The surge is largely due to approaches adopted by counties like San Diego, where the state-level adoption of a red flag law opened the door to county and municipal confiscatory plans.

San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott said, “There’s a great deal of relief that there’s this tool to prevent gun violence in our community.” Elliot indicated officers in San Diego County have made the pursuit of confiscation orders part of their “regular policing.” She said the strategy, once implemented, “took off like wildfire.”- READ MORE

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