Rep. Jim Jordan Asks FBI Director: Did Peter Strzok Use the Dossier to Get Spy Warrant on Trump Campaign?


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), during a remarkable exchange with FBI Director Christopher Wray at a hearing Thursday, suggested that Peter Strzok — the FBI official who was removed from the special counsel team — was responsible for using the Clinton-funded dossier to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

If true, it would be a stunning development in the Russia investigation. It would mean that a top FBI official took what was an unverified piece of opposition research funded by Trump’s political opponent, and used it to obtain a surveillance warrant on the Trump campaign.

“If this happened, if you had the FBI working with a campaign, the Democrats’ campaign, taking opposition research, dressing it all up and turning it into an intelligence document and taking it to the FISA court so they could spy on the other campaign — if that happened, that is as wrong as gets,” Jordan told Wray.

It is also not clear yet whether Strzok or other FBI officials used the dossier to launch the investigation into the Trump campaign, which has cast a cloud of suspicion and fueled partisan attacks against the Trump administration until this day.

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