Real Reason for Hasty Flynn Charges: Mueller Has to Justify Expenses Next Week


Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has plodded along for six months now with little to show for it, save a few indictments of low-level marginal players for process violations and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort for legal violations that allegedly took place long before he joined the Trump effort.

The lack of any major public developments in Mueller’s probe had led some to begin wondering if there was anything of importance to be found at all, and how much longer Mueller’s team should be permitted to keep digging.

That seemed to change on Friday, though, as Fox News reported that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI as part of a deal with Mueller.


Interestingly, the timing of this announcement of a guilty plea deal by Flynn came just days prior to the release of the first expense report for Mueller’s investigation by the Justice Department, according to a report on Thursday from The Hill.

That public report — which will be forwarded to Congress next week — will show how much Mueller’s probe has cost taxpayers thus far.

There is little doubt that some will question any further expenditures on behalf of Mueller’s team, given the apparent limited success he has had thus far in uncovering potential Russian interference in the election to assist then-candidate Trump’s campaign.

However, with the sudden announcement of a guilty plea from Flynn right before the expense report is released, it gives the appearance to those who want the investigation to continue that Mueller is indeed making progress, which will likely keep his funding safe for the next six months.

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