Rapper Kevin Gates Calls Out Hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter: ‘We Kill Each Other’


Baton Rouge-based rapperKevin Gates has posted a video calling out what he terms the “bullsh*t” of the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of recent high-profile police shootings of black men.

“We kill each other, but as soon as a white boy kills one of us, everybody go to hoopin’ and hollerin’ and all that old stupid-ass sh*t,” the 30-year-old rapper said.

“That’s bullsh*t,” Gates added, blasting the anti-police movement for its lack of similar outrage about black-on-black crime.

“When you stand for something, you’ve got the stand for it all the way, not half way,” he said, before describing the lengths some black people go to kill each other: “We kill each other. I’m talking about we lay up under each other’s cars, lay behind each other’s houses then whip by — BOOM BOOM — kill everybody in the car.” – READ MORE

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