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Public Radio Sniffles: Unused Confetti from Hillary ‘Victory’ Party Honored as Feminist Art


(NewsBusters) Your taxpayer-funded radio at work: arts reporter Willis Ryder Arnold of St. Louis Public Radio (KWMU-FM) just promoted a gallery showing for progressive artist/former Clinton arts bureaucrat Bunny Burson. But this is the precious part: Burson has used the confetti that never fell from the Hillary Clinton “victory party” at New York’s Javits Center on Election Night to create inspirational art for the depressed feminists of America.

The title of the installation is “And Still I Rise,” named after a book of poetry by Maya Angelou. Confetti falls — like from a snow globe — from a window of the Bruno David Museum in suburban Clayton, Missouri. You can drive by late at night and feel inspired when you can’t sleep because Donald Trump is president. – READ MORE


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