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Professors Host Summer Camp To Educate Teachers About Privilege, Oppression


Three professors are hosting a “Social Justice Summer Camp” to educate grade school teachers and administrators about white privilege, racism and misogyny so that they can better teach their students, according to a Monday university announcement.

Professors James Cohen, Joseph Flynn and Mike Manderino from North Illinois University will host approximately 60 teachers and other academic personnel on their campus during the four-day camp from June 11 to June 14.

“Affirmative action is not a form of oppression against white males, for example, as compared to the ways the LGBT+ community has been marginalized for decades, let alone centuries, in American culture,” said Flynn.

“Regardless of what people might have to say, or whatever political stripe they may be, social justice issues are actually happening to people,” Flynn added. “Offering students opportunities to explore problems helps them with critical thinking and helps them understand their world.”

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Flynn said that living according to the Declaration of Independence in the United States requires understanding oppression and how it operates.

Manderino, meanwhile, mentioned that grade schools could be grappling with “equity gaps in suspension rates,” gender-inclusive policies, or safe spaces.

“In an age of emboldened racism, and emboldened discrimination in our society, we have to be equally emboldened to fight back all of this racism, discrimination and injustice,” said Cohen. “What better way to spread that message of social justice than to work with teachers?”

Cohen, Flynn and Manderino are professors in North Illinois University’s curriculum and instruction department. In his biography, Cohen says that he provides illegal immigrant students with literary instruction.

Tickets for the summer camp costed $529.00 for one to two attendees before April 24. After June 1, the price increases to $599.00 apiece.

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