PREDICTABLE: Minimum Wage Increase In New York City Leads To Job Losses, Price Increases


Democrats continue to insist American cities should increase the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour, even as the progressive cities that have done so have been a model for the job losses that will come as a result of the policy.

The latest example comes from New York City, where an online survey from the New York City Hospitality Alliance – which represents NYC restaurants – found the wage increase has hurt restaurant workers who were supposed to be helped by the higher minimum wage.

The New York Post reported last week that the survey found job losses due to the policy. Andrew Rigie, NYCHA’s executive director, told the Post that in 2018, “full-service restaurants recorded a 1.6 percent job loss, which is the first recorded annual loss in two decades.”

The survey also found that nearly one-third of respondents planned to “eliminate jobs” and a majority would raise prices due to the increased minimum wage, which took effect on December 31, 2018. – READ MORE

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