Politically Correct School Officials Reject ‘Gifted and Talented’ Label for Students


report from The Baltimore Sun claims that Baltimore County school officials acting in the name of political correctness are planning to drop the words “gifted and talented” in favor of a new term, “advanced academics.”

The move away from the label “gifted and talented” has upset some parents in the Baltimore County school district who are concerned that the change will lead to neglect of accomplished students who demand a more academically rigorous education. However, in response, the county believes the incorporation of the label “advanced academics,” which will include gifted and talented and advanced placement students, will help retain the school district’s focus on providing an environment for advanced students that is specifically suited to their unique educational needs.

According to the report, students qualify as “gifted and talented” when they display superior abilities in both academic and creative pursuits: “Baltimore County selects its students in third and fifth grades based on achievement and other, more subjective criteria, including personality, creativity, curiosity and ability to concentrate. Roughly one-fifth of students qualify.” – READ MORE

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