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Pokémon Go makes $10 million every day


The Pokémon Company has evolved the mobile gaming economy.

Pokémon Go, the Google Maps location game where players catch pocket monsters by walking around the real world, is making $10 million in revenues daily from iOS and Google Play worldwide, according to intelligence firm App Annie. Analyst Sameer Singh, who tracks the App Store and Google Play, called this an “unprecedented success” in the $36.9 billion mobile gaming industry. For reference, Puzzle & Dragons — a highly successful puzzle game in Japan — shocked the industry by generating $3.75 million every day in 2013. And Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, made around $6.3 million every day last year from all three of its games combined. Singh also pointed out that Pikachu isn’t stealing away that market from other apps. Instead, it is bringing in new spending that never existed before.

“Interestingly, it appears that Pokémon Go’s impact has been largely additive to the app economy,” Singh wrote. “According to data from App Annie Intelligence, Pokémon Go has not had a sustained and meaningful impact on the daily revenue of other games on iOS and Google Play. Daily revenue for Games other than Pokémon Go did see a brief dip in the U.S. shortly after the game’s launch, but quickly climbed back to previous levels in a few days.” – READ MORE

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