Pitbull Warns Of Loss Of Freedom Amid Crisis: ‘Smells Like Communism’


Rapper and songwriter Pitbull (real name Armando Christian Pérez) warned during an appearance on RevoltTV how quickly freedom can be taken away, especially amid a crisis like the one sparked by the novel coronavirus.

Pitbull is a first-generation Cuban-American whose family escaped Communism under the rule of Fidel Castro.

“The reason I can have this conversation is because my family comes from Communism, they fled Communism, they had everything taken away from them, everybody got murdered, everybody got killed,” Pitbull said during the appearance, which took place in September.

“That’s the reason me, being a first-generation Cuban-American … I look at freedom and I appreciate that s***,” he emphasized. “I appreciate opportunity. I appreciate anything that you give me. … And, that comes from the fact that when Castro took over everything, and I’m looking at what’s going on right now — the only person here that’s hot … it’s Castro. He’s going, ‘Y’all did it with a virus? S***. Y’all took over the world with a virus? Y’all gotta be kidding me.’”

“[Castro] had missiles pointed to the United States during the missile crisis” to gain power, Pitbull said.- READ MORE

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