Peyton Manning accuser speaks out: He lies, had ‘predator’ eyes


The new wave of sexual assault and harassment allegations has inspired Peyton Manning’s accuser to again speak out.

Jamie Naughright, who was an athletic trainer at the University of Tennessee while Manning was the star quarterback, spoke to CBS’ “Inside Edition” about the 1996 incident in which she alleges Manning exposed himself to her, then placed his genitals on her face.

Manning has admitted to “mooning” a teammate as a 19-year-old with Naughright present, but for decades has denied making contact with her, denials that his lawyer continued issuing Monday.

Asked about Manning’s contention that he never touched her, Naughright said, “That’s a lie.

“I felt something on my face and Peyton had pulled his shorts down and sat his anus and his testicles on my face,”  she said in her first TV interview, airing Monday. “So I pushed him up and out. He turned around, pulled his shorts back up.”

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