Patricia Heaton Has The Perfect TIME ‘Person Of The Year’ Suggestion In Light Of Recent Events


Along with James Woods and Pat Sajak, actress Patricia Heaton is one of the great gifts to conservatives on social media. When she’s not advocating for the unborn (or for the integrity of the Catholic Church), she’s tearing off the mainstream media’s veneer of objectivity to expose the biased agenda underneath. Her latest target: the TIME “Person of the Year” nominee list, which offered a line of candidates leaning heavily left.

Among those listed in the top 10 for the coveted TIME prize on Monday were the likes of Christine Blasey Ford, the “Separated Families” at the border, and the March for Our Lives Activists. Robert Mueller also got a plug as well as President Trump, the latter for derision, the former for praise. But Patricia Heaton has another suggestion: actor Gary Sinise, whose charitable foundation treated 2,000 children of Gold Star families to Disney World just two weeks before Christmas.

On Twitter, Heaton wondered aloud, “Hey @TIME, why isn’t @GarySinise ever on the Person of the Year list? Hey @TheAcademy, why isn’t he ever picked for the #jeanhersholt humanitarian award? He raises $30M a year to build homes for wounded vets along with his #goldstarfamily support. Retweet!”

Gary Sinise treated the Gold Star children to Disney World via his Snowball Express program, which, according to the organization’s website, serves “the children of fallen military heroes.” – READ MORE

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