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‘Follow the Science’: Documents Suggest Biden Let Teachers’ Union Shape CDC School Reopening Policy – Newly-released documents suggest that one of the country’s most powerful teachers’ unions shaped Biden administration policies on the reopening of schools, despite President Joe Biden’s pledge to “follow the science” on pandemic policy.

The documents, obtained by the conservative group Americans for Public Trust through a Freedom of Information Act request, were reported Saturday by the New York Post. They show the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) lobbying the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — and succeeding in having some of their recommendations adopted. – READ MORE

‘Unlikely To Go Away’: Experts Don’t Think US Will Ever Reach Herd Immunity – A growing consensus of experts no longer believe the U.S. will ever reach herd immunity and instead project that coronavirus will be around, but manageable, for the foreseeable future.

Public health experts expect that while the virus will not disappear from the U.S., it will severely affect less people, according to The New York Times. With high vaccination rates for the elderly and most vulnerable populations, the experts believe Americans can return to normalcy soon even if herd immunity is never reached. – READ MORE

Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Scrapping All Of Florida’s Covid Restrictions – Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order Wednesday scrapping all COVID-19 restrictions throughout the state and an accompanying bill that limits localities’ ability to enforce emergency precautions.

“I think that’s the evidence-based thing to do,” DeSantis said during a press conference Tuesday announcing the executive order. “I think folks are saying they need to be policing people at this point, if you’re saying that, then you’re really saying you don’t believe in the vaccines.” – READ MORE

Connecticut Ends Religious Vaccine Exemptions For Students  – Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont signed into law on Wednesday a bill that ends religious exemptions from mandatory school vaccinations in the state. Medical exemptions from immunizations remain in effect.

“Serious illnesses that have been well-controlled for many decades, such as measles, tuberculosis, and whooping cough… have reemerged,” Lamont said in a statement.

“The number of children in our state who have not received routine vaccinations has been steadily increasing, which has been mirrored by significant growth in preventable diseases across the nation,” he continued. – READ MORE

“I Just Wanted A Little More Time” – Texas Nurse Was Fired For Refusing COVID Vaccine – Many hospital systems around the country have been surprised by the number of nurses who have passed on being vaccinated (either because they had already been infected, or simply because they didn’t want the vaccine). But as federal public health officials crank up the pressure on Americans to submit to the vaccine as unused jabs pile up, one nurse in Texas complained to local journalists that she was fired simply because she refused the jab.

Nurse Michelle Fuentes told Dallas-Fort Worth CBS affiliate KRIV-TV that she had been terminated after working for 10 years at Houston Methodist Hospital, allegedly because she refused to accept the COVID-19 vaccine. – READ MORE

Report: Floyd Juror Wore BLM Shirt Referencing Floyd In July, Challenging What He Told Defense During Jury Selection – One of the jurors who served on the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin reportedly sported a Black Lives Matter T-shirt with a reference to the death of George Floyd, seemingly challenging what the juror told the Chauvin defense team during jury selection.

According to a report from The Post Millennial, now-public juror Brandon Mitchell, 31, is seen in a Facebook post published in August 2020 wearing a hat that says “Black Lives Matter” and a T-shirt that says “BLM” with the words, “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks,” a reference to the death of Floyd. – READ MORE

Biden Prepares For Stealth Food Stamp Increase Of Up To 20% Without Congressional Approval – The Biden administration is planning to use an obscure US Department of Agriculture instrument to lay the groundwork for a long-term increase in food aid for tens of millions of Americans.

The instrument, known as the ‘market basket,’ is a shopping list used to determine food stamp benefits, and which can be adjusted without risking an impasse in Congress from Republican lawmakers, according to Bloomberg. – READ MORE

CIA Recruitment Ad Ridiculed For Overdosing On “Woke” Talking Points – A CIA recruitment ad featuring a “cisgender woman of color” who rails against the “patriarchy” and announces she has been diagnosed with “generalized anxiety disorder” has been ridiculed for its woke pandering.

The promo went viral on Twitter, racking up almost a million views, prompting ‘The CIA’ to start trending. – READ MORE

Biden Admin Considering Using Private Firms To Conduct Warrantless Surveillance Of U.S. Citizens – President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly considering working with private firms to monitor “extremist chatter by Americans online” because the federal government is legally limited to what they can do without a warrant.

The report said the federal government is also banned from using false identities to gain access to private messaging apps and groups. The government can scan public social media profiles. – READ MORE

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