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Charles Barkley: Politicians Fuel Hatred Between ‘Whites And Blacks’ To ‘Keep Their Grasp’ On ‘Money And Power’ – During the “Final Four Show” on Saturday, former NBA star and “Inside the NBA” analyst Charles Barkley said that politicians intentionally fuel racial divides in order to “keep their grasp on money and power,” and that the “system” is designed to foster hatred and to “scramble the middle class.”

“Man, I think most white people and black people are great people,” Barkley said during CBS’ coverage of Saturday’s March Madness games. “I really believe that in my heart.” – READ MORE

Viral video shows pastor kick out mask-enforcing cops from his church: ‘You Gestapo Nazi communist fascists!’ – A video captured the moment a Canadian pastor drove away health officials and police trying to enforce the mask mandate at his church during a Passover service.

The incident unfolded Saturday at a church in Calgary in Alberta, Canada, pastored by Artur Pawlowski. – READ MORE

Biden in Easter message calls getting vaccine a ‘moral obligation’ – President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden released an Easter video Sunday in which the president insisted that Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, calling it a “moral obligation.”

The Easter video, released on the president’s official Twitter account, has references to God, Pope Francis, and the New Testament, but it does not mention Jesus. – READ MORE

Clarence Thomas Hints That Congress Could Strip Social Media Giants Of First Amendment Protections, Comparing Them To ‘Public Accommodations’ – On Monday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas seemed to argue that social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter may not be able to hide behind the First Amendment in their attempts to regulate various forms of speech on their platforms.

Most notably, the legendary Justice compared the Big Tech giants to “common carriers” and “public accommodations.” – READ MORE

Biden reportedly busing scores of migrants into US interior to pursue more permanent legal status – Overwhelmed by the number of migrants surging across the southern border, the Biden administration has enacted what some are calling a “catch-and-bus” policy, daily transporting scores of migrants to various locations within the U.S. where they can pursue more permanent legal status, the Center for Immigration Studies reported this week.

The immigration think tank claimed that a “conveyer belt of commercial and charter buses” in Texas, Arizona, and California are carrying “tens of thousands” of migrants into America’s heartland. This “final leg of the smuggling routes,” it said, has gone largely unreported by media organizations that have instead been captivated by overcrowded migrant children housing facilities along the border. – READ MORE

Human Smugglers Use Facebook to Advertise ‘100 Percent Safe’ U.S. Border Crossings –Facebook appears to allow human smugglers to advertise their services with false promises of “100 percent safety” and easy travel.

NBC News reported multiple Facebook posts reportedly found on the social media platform offering “Travel to Mexico to the United States. Costs $8,000. 100 percent safe.” The article states human smugglers are openly advertising their services and are making false claims about the journey. – READ MORE

Hunter Biden admits he used to smoke parmesan cheese because it resembled crack –Hunter Biden admitted that when he was addicted to crack cocaine, he smoked parmesan cheese because it resembled the drug.

The president’s son recalled in an interview with CBS News how he would search through carpeting trying to find traces of the drug, and would sometimes come up with cheese instead. – READ MORE

Yes, America Is On The Verge Of Yet Another Toilet Paper Crisis – It is starting to happen again. Do you remember how “panic buying” caused a massive shortage of toilet paper and other basic essentials during the early days of the COVID pandemic last year? Well, shortages are back, but this time around different factors are at play. We are being told that the shortages should just be temporary, and that is good news. But this is yet another example that shows how exceedingly vulnerable global supply chains have become in this day and age. If another major global crisis were to suddenly strike, we could quickly be facing long-term shortages of certain items that would be quite severe. So hopefully this short-term toilet paper shortage will be a wake up call for all of us. – READ MORE

FBI Raids Business Renting Anonymous Safety Deposit Boxes, Forces Customers To Reveal Identity To Get Stuff Back – In a case that’s already sparked one lawsuit, a Beverly Hills strip mall business which rents private, anonymous safe deposit boxes was raided by the FBI last month – at which time the agency conducted a blanket seizure of hundreds of customers’ belongings.

To retrieve their valuables, customers will need to “identify themselves and subject themselves to an investigation to verify their legal ownership,” according to the Los Angeles Times, which noted that one customer has already gone to court claiming that the government overreached by confiscating the contents of every security box. – READ MORE

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