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Fifth graders tell the Bidens virtual learning allowed them to eat and sneak in a nap –Students at a Virginia fifth grade classroom told President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden Monday that virtual learning gave them the chance to eat, take naps, and even fake technical glitches in order to avoid answering questions.

The school, Yorktown Elementary School, is now open four days per week, with students attending Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Students don’t come to class Wednesday so the school can be cleaned. – READ MORE

Biden’s bizarre Amtrak story doesn’t add up – President Biden told a heartfelt story last week about an Amtrak conductor congratulating him for riding more than 1.5 million miles – but the details of the story don’t seem to add up.

“When I became vice president, one of the Capitol Hill newspapers estimated that I had taken more than 7,000 round trips on Amtrak over my career. I think that’s an exaggeration. I’m going to rely on those two conductors … one of them was a guy named Angelo Negri,” Biden said Friday at an event marking Amtrak’s 50th anniversary.  – READ MORE

Gretchen Whitmer Took Detroit Businessmen’s Plane to Florida: ‘You Can’t Tell a Governor No’ – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) took a private jet to Florida in March, violating the spirit of her orders for everyone else not to travel.

Deadline Detroit reported Whitmer “asked a group of wealthy Detroit businessmen to provide a private plane they share” so she could travel to Florida. She later said it was so she could visit her “ailing” father. – READ MORE

Poll: One of Four Americans Say It Is ‘Safe’ for Them to Go Out in Public Without a Mask – One of four Americans believe it is safe for them to personally go out in public without wearing a mask, an Economist/YouGov survey released this week showed.

Respondents were asked, “When do you think it will be safe for YOU to go out in public without a mask on?” – READ MORE

‘Really Negligent On China’s Part.’ Chinese Rocket Will Crash To Earth This Weekend, Plunging At 18,000 Miles Per Hour – A large out-of-control Chinese rocket is going to smash into Earth this coming weekend, according to reports.

“The large Chinese rocket that is out of control and set to reenter Earth’s atmosphere this weekend has brought about an alarming but not unprecedented situation,” reported CNN. – READ MORE

Roger Daltrey: The “Woke” Generation Is Creating A Miserable World – ‘The Who’ legend Roger Daltrey says the ‘woke’ generation is creating a miserable world that serves to stifle the kind of creative freedom he enjoyed in the 60s.

The iconic frontman made the comments during a recent appearance on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music 1 podcast. – READ MORE

Twitter Will Now Call Out ‘Mean Tweets’ – Before They Are Even Sent – To combat toxicity on the platform, social media website Twitter is reportedly developing a feature to makes users reconsider sending messages that its system detects as “mean” or offensive. Initial tests show that 34 percent of users who received the warning chose to revise their message or not send it at all.

NPR reports that Twitter is attempting to make its users more conscientious about the language they use on the platform and is encouraging positivity by implementing a new feature that will detect “mean” replies on its service before a user presses send. – READ MORE

“An American Tragedy”: Restaurants Ready to Hire, But Government Payments Keep Workers Home – As more and more states start easing pandemic restrictions, restaurants large and small are grappling with a widespread problem: hiring employees.

Mark Fox, owner of The Ragtrader & Bo Peep Cocktail and Highball Store in New York City on April 29, 2021. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)
Owners and managers from New York, California, Washington, and Chicago told The Epoch Times hiring woes have become a nightmare amid a litany of other challenges like indoor occupancy rules. They say the federal unemployment bonuses handed out during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic incentivized people to stay home instead of working. – READ MORE

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