Olympics in the shadow of ISIS: Rio prepares for Games with warships, troops on the streets, $900 million security operation


This is the warship stacked with missiles and an arsenal of lethal weaponry that is leading the show of force ahead of the first Olympics Games held in the shadow of ISIS terrorism.

Brazil is using the frigate, and a small fleet of other vessels to patrol the waters around tourist hot spot Copacabana Beach – where some of the .

Thousands of sport loving fans will visit Rio during the world’s biggest sporting event, when it begins next week.

Brazil is spending almost $900 million on protecting the Olympics from terrorist attack and the 500,000 foreign visitors expected in Rio for the games.

 A record 130,000 police, soldiers, navel personnel and security guards have been drafted in to combat the terrorist threat after a gang of alleged ISIS operatives were arrested in Brazil earlier this month.The ring of steel has been enforced with back up from the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security, which has been advising Olympic officials in the fight to prevent carnage at the games and protect athletes and sports fans. – READ MORE


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