Olbermann Thinks It’s a ‘Fallacy’ That Liberal Bias Is Hurting ESPN, NFL Ratings


Leftist table-pounder Keith Olbermann – now with GQ (“Gentlemen’s Quarterly”?) — has started a publicity tour for his new book Trump Is F*cking Crazy (ThIs Is Not a Joke). In an interview with a supportive Marisa Guthrie at The Hollywood Reporter, Olbermann fought back against the notion that liberal activism and Colin Kaepernick were ruining the NFL ratings.

It’s a “logical fallacy,” he insisted. “Never mind that the NFL ratings have been declining at a steady rate for 10 years. It is all because of Colin Kaepernick. Nobody has time to think anymore, therefore the logical fallacy applies to everything; if B follows A, A caused B. And every A and every B is politics.”

Olbermann also denied ESPN is losing viewers because of its liberal bias. (He didn’t deny the bias, just the viewer loss.) – READ MORE

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