OBSESSED: CNN Asks Spelling Champ To Spell ‘Covfefe’ (VIDEO)


CNN is so obsessed with Trump’s Twitter typo that they asked the recently crowned Scripps National Spelling Bee champion to spell “covfefe” on air with them.

Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo, hosts of “New Day,” had 12-year-old Ananya Vinay on the show to talk about her victory in the spelling bee, but they soon shifted the conversation away from Vinay.

“Okay, Ananya, so we have a challenge for you,” Camerota said. “We would like you to spell a word. It has recently become popular…do you know the word ‘covfefe’?”

Vinay clearly didn’t know the word or understand its context, but that didn’t stop the hosts from pressing on with the bad joke, allowing Vinay to ask for a definition and part of speech so she could try to spell it.

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Proving her brightness, Vinay actually came really close to spelling the word correctly, guessing, “C-O-F-E-F-E.”

“Close. You win,” Camerota said.

Luckily the CNN hosts moved on from the “covfefe” references and again congratulated Vinay for her spelling bee victory, calling her an “inspiration.”

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