Obama takes credit for U.S. oil-and-gas boom: ‘That was me, people’ (VIDEO)


Former President Barack Obama took credit once again for the U.S. oil-and-gas boom, even though critics noted Wednesday that the upswing in oil and natural gas production occurred in spite of his policies.

Mr. Obama told the audience at a gala for Rice University’s Baker Institute that he was “extraordinarily proud of the Paris accords” before saying “I know we’re in oil country and we need American energy.”

“You wouldn’t always know it, but it went up every year I was president,” he said to applause. “That whole — suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer and the biggest gas — that was me, people.”

This wasn’t the first time Mr. Obama has claimed credit for the boom, which saw oil production grow by 88 percent during his two terms. He did so often during his presidency, inevitably meeting with rebuttals from the oil-and-gas industry. – READ MORE


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