New York Times Fires David Boies, Lawyer Who Worked for the Paper and Harvey Weinstein


The New York Times dismissed the firm of famed Democratic lawyer David Boies after Ronan Farrow’s explosive report for theNew Yorker put Boies at the center of Harvey Weinstein’s efforts to stamp out the Times’ reporting on his sexual misconduct.

“We never contemplated that the law firm would contract with an intelligence firm to conduct a secret spying operation aimed at our reporting and our reporters,” the Timeswrote in a Tuesday statement announcing they would no longer work with Boies’s firm, Boies, Schiller & Flexner. “Such an operation is reprehensible.”

The firing came even as Boies himself pleaded his case, claiming, “In the case of Harvey Weinstein, there is a lot of information that I didn’t have.”

Boies, Schiller & Flexner, represented the Times in a number of matters over the years and was, in fact, working for the newspaper in 2016 when, according to Farrow, as one of disgraced Hollywood exec Harvey Weinstein’s personal lawyers, Boies assisted in plans to prevent the Times reporting on allegations against Weinstein.

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