New FBI Director McCabe Celebrates Promotion in His Six-Figure Luxury Porsche 911; White House & FBI Agents Outraged


Newly minted and controversial FBI Director Andrew McCabe is already ruffling feathers of his FBI underlings and D.C. bosses in the White House by tooling around FBI headquarters and the nation’s capital in a six-figure Porsche 911 worth more than his annual salary.

And the White House is not happy about revelations that the new FBI Director, sworn to replace the former FBI Director to help clean up the embattled Bureau, is showing up to work like a Hollywood spy instead of a FBI agent, a high-placed aide said hours after McCabe was sworn in Tuesday.

“He may have to be replaced quickly if this is true,” a White House aide said. “The President wants to clean up the FBI and give it a new start. Check your facts. This doesn’t sound like something the FBI director would do.”

Based on motor vehicle records confirmed by True Pundit, McCabe’s 2010 Porche 911 is approximately worth between $110,000 and $265,000 depending on its sports-car options and engine package. According to motor vehicle records the car is registered to the address of McCabe’s $750,000 home in Virginia.

McCabe’s luxury sports car, with a sticker price likely larger than McCabe’s annual $130,000 salary range, has McCabe on the hot seat among many FBI agents who have concerns about the former deputy director’s personal finances and the optics of now FBI Director showing up for work in a luxury Porsche, FBI sources told True Pundit.

“McCabe thinks he’s Robert Redford in the Spy Game (movie) parking his Porsche under the (FBI) building in the garage,” a FBI insider said. “FBI agents don’t show off expensive sports cars and huge houses. Those images send the wrong message.”

McCabe was sworn in Tuesday night as the new director of the FBI after his boss and former mentor James Comey was fired by President Donald Trump. McCabe is no newcomer to controversy and questions about his family’s finances. His wife, a former senate candidate in Virginia, accepted nearly $700,000 in campaign donations from factions backed by Hillary Clinton while her husband was overseeing parts of the email investigation of the former secretary of state. Clinton was cleared and never indicted.That’s just one of the McCabe’s recent financial and political discrepancies, however.

FBI sources said they had expressed concerns about the optics of McCabe’s Porcshe 911. But their gripes aren’t something new. Some agents for months asked Comey to inquire into McCabe’s use and purchase of the sports car. And shortly after McCabe’s Porsche started showing up at FBI HQ in Washington D.C., another unnamed high ranking official also purchased a similar Porsche, sources said.

Comey ignored calls to investigate or rebuke the automobile purchases, FBI sources said.

2010 Porsche 911 file photo, same year and 911 make as McCabe’s vehicle. Options vary.

This isn’t McCabe’s first rodeo in the cross-hairs of controversy at the FBI while he was outranked only by Comey. In fact, McCabe garnered problematic headlines during and since the 2016 presidential election.

In March, True Pundit reported mere days before Gen. Michael Flynn was sacked as national security advisor, then-FBI Deputy Director McCabe gathered more than a dozen of his top FBI disciples to plot how to ruin Flynn’s aspiring political career and manufacture evidence to derail President Donald Trump. McCabe emphatically declared at the invite-only gathering with raised voice: “Fuck Flynn and then we Fuck Trump,” according to direct sources.

This was one of several such meetings held in seclusion among key FBI leaders since Trump was elected president, FBI sources confirm. At the congregation where McCabe went off the political rails and vowed to destroy Flynn and Trump, there were as many as 16 top FBI officials, inside intelligence sources said. No lower-level agents or support personnel were present.

Since that report in March, McCabe has come under fire for failing to disclose his wife was tied to raising funds for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign at the same time he was investigating Clinton. Also, he has been linked to the controversial Trump Dossier and pegged as a potential source for leaking classified surveillance intelligence against Flynn and Trump, sources said.

McCabe’s suspicious choice of personal work vehicle provides further ammunition for his critics and provokes additional questions about the money his wife accepted during her failed senate campaign. Even is no wrongdoing was committed, the optics of the situation — the appearance of conflict of interest on multiple levels — ultimately harms the image of the embattled FBI.

Democratic factions controlled by a Hillary Clinton insider paid the deputy director of the FBI’s wife almost $700,000 in campaign funds before McCabe, who was supervising Clinton’s investigation, lobbied against charging her criminally, according to records and interviews obtained by True Pundit.

Dr. Jill McCabe was a Virginia state senate candidate in 2015. Longtime Clinton family consigliere and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, sent her approximately $675,000 to fund the Democrat hopeful’s campaign coffers. Dr. McCabe, a physician, is married to the new FBI director. Mrs. McCabe is a registered Democrat. FBI agents who work with McCabe say he and his wife were both staunch Hillary Clinton supporters.

According to one FBI insider, the McAuliffe-generated campaign funds may have ultimately bought Clinton some strategic breathing room.

“McCabe was one of the few people who backed Comey’s decision not to refer Hillary Clinton to the Justice Department for indictment,” a FBI source said of the July 2016 decision not to refer Clinton for criminal charges for violating email and document safeguards for classified and Top Secret national security intelligence. “McCabe and Comey are both lawyers. They aren’t street agents. They’re more political. We wanted her (Clinton) indicted. They did not.”

Gov. McAuliffe has been an important Clinton family insider for decades. During Bill Clinton’s presidential candidacy and subsequent reelection, McAuliffe often spearheaded investigations into Clinton critics and helped silence women who alleged Bill Clinton harassed or sexually assaulted them, sources said.

Ironically, McAuliffe is currently under investigation by the FBI for alleged campaign-related finance infractions.

McAuliffe’s contributions to Dr. McCabe’s campaign match the exact time frame of the FBI’s parallel Clinton investigation. No contributions were made prior to the FBI’s probe of Clinton. McCabe was overseeing personnel decisions, including assigning agents to the Clinton investigation team, at the FBI’s Washington D.C.’s field office when his wife began her 2015 campaign. His wife lost the election after spending an estimated $1.8 million on the senate run. Three months later, Comey promoted McCabe to FBI Deputy Director in February 2016. The promotion helped fill a very large void created by the retirement of John Giacalone, who was the supervisor of the bureau’s National Security Branch and also the FBI brains and genesis behind the Clinton email and private server investigation. Since the inception of the case, Giacalone had spearheaded the Clinton investigation, and helped hand select top agents who were highly skilled but also discreet. Many of those agents were concerned when Giacalone abruptly resigned in the middle of the investigation.

FBI insiders said Giacalone used the term “sideways” to describe the direction the Clinton probe had taken in the bureau. Giacalone lamented privately he no longer had confidence in the direction the investigation was headed. He felt it was simpler to quietly step aside, walk away instead of fight to keep the investigation on its proper track. Giacalone was a true heavyweight agent at FBI. In fact, he likely should have been running the entire show. His pedigree included running and creating FBI divisions in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and even serving as deputy commander in the Iraqi theater of operations. But in the midst of the Clinton investigation, Giacalone handed the bureau his retirement papers in February 2016.

The day after Giacalone’s departure, Comey tapped McCabe to help oversee the ongoing Clinton case and personally serve “as the eyes and ears” for Comey, sources confirmed. Since early July 2016, Comey had come under intense fire from critics and the majority of Americans who believe he granted Clinton a get-out-of-jail-free card by refusing to refer the case to the Justice Department for a probable slam-dunk indictment on at least one of potential dozens of criminal charges.

Now McCabe and a rogue FBI Sanhedrin — like Comey — face a new dilemma: Colleagues who have blown the whistle on the partisan agency, specifically how personal and political philosophies have crept into the FBI and commandeered the bureau’s powerful reach and resources to tamper with law-abiding White House personnel, including the president. That’s called public corruption, a crime the FBI is tasked with investigating.

Just like it “investigated” $700,000 in donations from the Clinton family to the wife of the FBI’s deputy director who, during the exact time frame was tasked with overseeing the investigation of Hillary Clinton. Clinton ultimately was never charged with any crime and McCabe received a FBI promotion.

We would normally demand a federal investigation into such allegations of collusion and potential bribery. But who would conduct it, the FBI?

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