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MUSK: New TESLA autopilot upgrade doesn’t guarantee safety


Starting with Version 8 of its software, which is expected to be released to all Tesla owners in the next two weeks, the company will promote the radar sensors, which were added to all Tesla vehicles in 2014, to be primary sensors for detecting objects in the path of the vehicle, the companywrote in a blog post. Currently the radar is a secondary sensor; Tesla’s instead rely on cameras to “see” what’s in front of them. However, after Autopilot’s failure to isolate another vehicle on the road earlier this year in Florida, which resulted in a Tesla driver’s death, the company has decided to use both radar and camera to detect objects. At a press event announcing the changes, Musk said that the improved Autopilot system would have “very likely” prevented the death of the Tesla driver, while also cautioning that the new Version 8 software and radar system “doesn’t mean perfect safety” – READ MORE

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