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    MSNBC’s Katy Tur Claims Gun Background Checks Not Used in All States (VIDEO)


    It’s not often that an MSNBC host gets critical with a Democratic lawmaker, but they do when the lawmaker supports the Second Amendment and their district just had a mass shooting. That exact scenario played out during MTP Daily on Monday when host Katy Tur, back after a long vacation, got irritated with Texas Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar. In their argument, Tur claimed background checks were “not consistent around the entire country” and seemed to insinuate he had taken NRA blood money.

    Tur kicked off the show by slamming Republicans for not pushing useless gun control policies that would not have stopped any recent mass shooting. “We’ve gotten to the point it isn’t just that gun violence and mass shootings are a sad and predictable reality in this country, but where the political response to them is just as sad and just as predictable,” she opined. “The Republican deflection once again on full display including from the White House.”

    When Cuellar first came on the air, Tur’s conversation with him was cordial since they were talking about the shooting in Sutherland, Texas and the victims. But things took a dive when Tur wanted to talk about his support for the Second Amendment. At one point she sneered and asked: “Do you think that there should be any limits at all to the Second Amendment?”

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