MSNBC Idiot Joy Reid: People Are Too Dumb to Understand Hillary’s ‘Complicated’ E-Mail Scandal


Well, MSNBC’s Joy Reid doubled down on her Hillary Clinton spin idiocy. First, as we told you last week, she shamelessly lied about the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Now? You dumb-dumbs just don’t get all the nuance-y nuance of the scandal.

Holy. Smokes. Speaking of smokes, what the heck is Joy Reid smoking? Newsbusters has more:

Reid started off by whining in defense of Clinton and about her inability to shake the damaging story as it, yet again, came back to haunt her. “I think the blessing and the curse for Hillary Clinton is that the E-Mail story is complicated,” Reid complained, “So, the curse for her is that trying to explain it, her answers are so detailed and complicated, that when you explain you’re losing.”

“It’s also so complicated when you talk to voters they don’t really get it,” she stated, continuing to talk down to average Americans … – READ MORE

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