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More Fake News: Media Reported Trump ‘gagged’ Federal Agencies. Nope. He Just Did What Obama Did.


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Here’s the headline from today’s New York Times: “Federal Agencies Told to Halt External Communications.” President Trump, you’d be led to believe from this headline, has struck again, stamping his jackboots all over the dissemination of information from science-based executive agencies. Here’s the lead from the Times:

Scientists and environmentalists reacted with fear this week as the Trump administration purged nearly all mention of climate change programs from the White House and State Department websites and ordered a freeze on federal grant spending at the Environmental Protection Agency and other government agencies. Memos ordered employees of at least four agencies not to send out news releases or to create social media posts, blog entries or official website content, and to consult with senior officials before speaking to the news media. – READ MORE

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