More aggressive North Korea policy needed


And then there was one — one unreconstructed communist regime in the world.

It’s hard to picture a more fitting symbol of capitalism’s triumph over communism than the death of Fidel Castro on Black Friday. Though Cuba remains a dictatorship, its attachment to its revolutionary ideology seems very likely to steadily weaken. That leaves just a single nation devoted to the cause. Unfortunately for the world, it’s North Korea.

Now more than ever, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (as it styles itself) is a sobering and grave reminder of how brutal communism has always been — and how dangerous it remains today and tomorrow.

Part of the danger North Korea poses, of course, is due to its isolation. But its complicity in international crime and nuclear proliferation has shown the North to enjoy all the international companionship it needs to be a powerful force for global evil and harm. – READ MORE

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