MLK’s Niece Denounces Democrat For ‘Race Baiting’ Trump


If there’s anyone in America who might be considered the top expert on racism, it’s got to be Alveda King, the niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr.

“I’ve had the experience of going head-to-head with genuine racists,” King said on Fox News. “Back in the 20th Century, I was a youth organizer. At the time, my uncle, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was killed … I was in a home that was bombed. A racist is a person who really does believe that their race, their category of humanity, is superior or different.”

And, King said, Trump isn’t one of them.

“I’d like to ask anyone who calls him that — have they ever met one?” King said. Trump, she declared, “is not a racist.”

“He’s not a white supremacist,” King said. “President Trump says we all bleed the same. He’s very clear on that. And he has done so much for all Americans, including African Americans… A better economy, get a good shot in the arm, criminal justice reform, his pro-life work. Don’t buy into this racist banter, this race-baiting.” – READ MORE

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