Minnesota legislators say COVID-19 death totals have been inflated in their state, call for an audit


Reps. Mary Franson and Scott Jensen, both Republicans, made the comments on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday. According to Franson, “I enlisted some people that are really good at understanding data … to go through those death files and what I found was shocking because I was just hoping that it was a myth, but indeed, Minnesota is classifying some deaths as COVID when clearly, they should not be.”

Franson went on to state her belief that the mischaracterized deaths are part of the reason that the state remains in lockdown, which is harming the state’s economy. She specifically noted that restaurants are only allowed to serve people in Minnesota outside, which is obviously less than ideal in December.

Jensen specifically faulted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the mischaracterized deaths, saying, “When the Department of Health and the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] decided to change the rules that had been in place for 17 years by encouraging the diagnosis of COVID-19 in situations that we never would have otherwise, they were abandoning their long-held commitment to precisely identifying the inciting or the initiating event that would lead to a sequence of events that would lead to a person’s demise.”- READ MORE

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