Minneapolis City Council Candidate Tells Rioters To Burn Down Rich Neighborhoods


A leftist Minneapolis City Council candidate Margarita Ortega took to social media to encourage those who “feel like burning shit down” to make sure they did it in wealthy areas, not in the “poor community.”

Originally reported by Alpha News, in a Facebook post screenshot Tweeted by the ‘Crime Watch Minneapolis account,’ Ortega said “Just a personal thought — just in case y’all feel like burning shit down, the poor community is not your oppressors. FYI — lake of the isles has more then [sic] needed and won’t be missed.”

In a follow up Tweet, Minneapolis Crime Watch say residents of the area have contacted the police and it is being considered a “credible threat.”

Lake of the Isles, mentioned by Ortega as a target, has some of the area’s most luxurious homes and are often owned by the city’s wealthiest residents.- READ MORE

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