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Mexico Soccer Fans Boo National Anthem; U.S. Media More Concerned about Homophobic Slurs


President Trump did not attend Sunday’s international soccer match pitting Team USA vs. Mexico in Mexico City, but he was topic numero uno south of the border. Mexican fans made the game a forum on Trump, and they booed loudly and blew air horns during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. However, American media were much more exercised about “homophobic slurs” directed at the USA goalie than the attacks on America, its anthem and president.

Many Mexican soccer fans wore t-shirts stating “(expletive deleted) Trump.” At a tailgating party in the parking lot, Mexican fans jubilantly kicked around a Trump pinata. They sang “we don’t want the wall,” and a truly objective reporter could have taken that queue to point out that there’s a wall on Mexico’s southern border sealing off the same kind of illegal immigration Americans don’t want on our southern border.

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