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Mexican Border Violence Kills 20 in Less Than a Week


REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — Violence has reignited along the Tamaulipas border where in recent days citizens have lived through firefights, executions and incinerations that have left more than 20 dead in less than a week.

The violence began at the end of last week when in the border city of Rio Bravo, Mexican federal police officers faced off with Gulf Cartel gunmen killing seven of them in the clash. The federal police officers had been patrolling the Raul Muñiz rural community when they spotted four vehicles with cartel gunmen inside. The drivers of three of the vehicles fled the area, while the gunmen from the fourth vehicle began to fire at the police officers.   The apparent diversion allowed the gunmen from the other vehicles to flee, but after a lengthy firefight, the police officers were able to kill the seven gunmen that had fired at them.

Just one day after that firefight, in the border city of Diaz Ordaz, five gunmen were burned alive during a rolling gun battle with Mexican Marines. The military personnel had been carrying out routine patrol and came across a group of cartel gunmen trying to dispose of the body of one of their kidnapping victims. The cartel gunmen tried to flee and began firing at authorities in their effort to get away. Soon after, the two vehicles used by the gunmen burst into flames burning the five gunmen alive. The information released by the Mexican government did not give a reason for the vehicles bursting into flames. However, unofficial sources within law enforcement that spoke with Breitbart Texas revealed that the military personnel had used a grenade launcher during the clash. The same sources also revealed that there were six gunmen that were consumed by fire and not five like the government claimed. – READ MORE

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