Megyn Kelly: NBC Covered Kavanaugh With ‘Less Trepidation’ Than Weinstein (VIDEO)


Former NBC News host Megyn Kelly on Wednesday said NBC aired discredited Brett Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick’s allegations against the Supreme Court nominee “with far less trepidation” than it showed with allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Kelly appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss her tenure at NBC News. When asked about the network’s coverage of sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, Kelly said NBC “went to air with that story with far less trepidation than they showed in going to air on the Harvey Weinstein story.”

“Let’s take Julie Swetnick, who was the completely discredited alleged third accuser against Kavanaugh,” Kelly said. “This is the woman whose story had tons of holes in it. There was a date rape and everybody saw it and then nobody saw it and she basically imploded on the air. She was an Avenatti client. Remember her?” – READ MORE

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