Meghan Markle Says She’ll Raise Baby With ‘Fluid Approach To Gender’: Report


Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly looking to take a so-called “gender fluid” approach in raising their yet-to-be-born royal baby.

Markle, 37, has opted for a completely gender-neutral nursery and will avoid any “gender stereotypes” when raising their child, which reports indicate is a boy, as reported Vanity Fair on Thursday.

“Meghan has been talking to some of her friends about the birth and how she and Harry plan to raise their baby. Her exact word was fluid. She said they plan to raise their child with a fluid approach to gender and they won’t be imposing any stereotypes,” a source told the outlet.

“The duchess is understood to have told at least one friend that they want to raise their baby without gender-stereotyping, which means the nursery might not be filled with toy trains and cars if it is a boy. The Sussexes have already planned a gender-neutral nursery and opted for whites and grays over conventional blue and pink color ways, and this seems to be in line with Meghan’s ideas about how to raise children,” Vanity Fair reported.

Markle “plans to pursue an empowering, modern parenting style,” gushed the outlet.

Boasting of a so-called “gender fluid” approached in parenting has become trendy in the likes of Hollywood. Last month, actress Kate Hudson said she was planning on raising her three-month-old daughter Rani “genderless.” – READ MORE

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