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McCain says he will block Obama from splitting NSA and Cyber Command


The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said on Tuesday that he will block the administration from dividing leadership of the National Security Administration and U.S. Cyber Command between two people.

Right now, one person serves as the head of both the NSA and Cyber Command. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said he is “troubled” by reports that President Obama is trying to separate that into two roles and will do what he can to prevent the change.

“I do not believe rushing to separate the dual hat in the final months of an administration is appropriate given the very serious challenges we face in cyberspace and the failure of this admin to develop an effective deterrence policy,” McCain said at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, which included current NSA and Cyber Command head Adm. Mike Rogers. “Therefore if a decision is prematurely made to separate NSA and Cyber Command, I will object to the confirmation of any individual nominated by the president to replace the director of the National Security Administration if that person is not also nominated to be the commander of Cyber Command.” – READ MORE

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