Making the news business great again: Trump’s ‘fake news’ fight has helped media ratings and readership


Surprise firings, criminal investigations and vague statements that have world leaders scratching their heads has turned President Donald Trump’s administration into political theater.

And the media – one of Trump’s favorite go-to targets- is reaping the benefits. Experts expected media ratings to normalize after the election when the NFL and other popular TV shows started to air. That’s clearly not the case.

New York Times subscription revenue grew to more than $1 billion in 2017. It wasn’t even affected by Donald Trump’s constant criticism, including cancelling a meeting with the publication because he called their tactics of changing interview rules “not nice.”

But it’s not just the New York Times seeing the benefit. Another frequent subject of Trump’s ire – the Washington Post – hit more than 1 million digital subscriptions for the first time in September 2017.

And CNN, Fox News and Politico have sustained higher readership rates ever since the 2016 election according to comScore. – READ MORE

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