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‘Let’s Do What We Said’–Rep. Jim Jordan Is Ready To Pass A Clean Obamacare Repeal (VIDEO)


Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said Tuesday that he would definitely vote for a clean Obamacare repeal because “that’s what we told the American people we were gonna do.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Monday that the Senate would no longer vote on a a GOP-crafted replacement bill for Obamacare, and instead would vote on a straight repeal bill that would phase out Obamacare over two years. The announcement was made after it became clear that the Senate did not have enough votes to pass the replacement.

CNN’s “New Day” host, Chris Cuomo, asked Rep. Jordan during a Tuesday interview if he would vote for a straight repeal in the House.

“Yeah, totally in favor of that because, Chris, that’s what we told the American people we were gonna do,” Jordan said. “Remember, our repeal legislation has a two-year wind down…gives us time to work on the replacement.”

Jordan further explained that the same bill passed last Congress but was vetoed by president Barack Obama.

“So let’s put the same thing on President Trump’s desk that we put on then-President Obama’s desk–it will be a different outcome, President Trump will sign it,” he asserted. “Then, we can come together and and work on a replacement to deal with this key issues that will actually bring down premiums for middle class families.”


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