Left ‘freaking out’ as ‘bubble of delusion’ bursts


David Kupelian, an award-winning journalist and WND’s managing editor, believes Trump’s election is causing a mass meltdown of the leftist psyche in America.

“The left’s bubble of delusion – maintained and fed for the last eight years by a delusional president, Barack Obama – has been burst,” Kupelian declared. “Republicans won the White House, both houses of Congress, even more governorships and state houses. The far-left Democratic Party is freaking out, and the violent outbursts we now see are the predictable responses of angry, frustrated, desperate people.”

Kupelian said it doesn’t help that the mainstream news media have been portraying Trump as a “genocidal maniac” in the mold of Hitler or Stalin.

“If Americans actually did elect Hitler as president, a monster who murdered millions of people, that would be something to be upset about,” he reasoned. “But we didn’t – we elected a well-known New York businessman who has spent his adult life accomplishing very big projects.” – READ MORE

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