L.A. Clinton Pal: Trump’s a ‘Sexual Predator,’ Bill’s Sexual Misconduct Was ‘None of Our Business’


Linda Bloodworth-Thomason was a TV-producing heavyweight in 1992 – most notably with the CBS hit Designing Women – when she promoted the Clintons with a gushy Democratic convention video. Even then, we thought it was fascinating her show had a big “I Believe Anita Hill” episode as she backed Slick Willie…although it was two years before Paula Jones took him to court.

On Wednesday, Bloodworth-Thomason penned a “guest column” in The Hollywood Reporter titled “Lessons from Witnessing Four Decades of Harassment in Hollywood.” This is the quick-and-dirty summation: Donald Trump is a “sexual predator,” but Bill Clinton was unfortunately tagged for “sexual misconduct…that was none of our business.”

I, myself, was a member of a “Let’s Bring Harvey Weinstein Down” lunch club, and I don’t even work in features. However, I will be the first to admit that clearly delineated moral choices can still be painfully complex where friendship is involved. One of the best friends I will ever have and a man I love dearly, former President Bill Clinton, has certainly taxed my feminist conscience, but always without diminishing my affection. I even helped write his apology to the nation for his own sexual misconduct, was sitting next to him when he delivered it, and believe to this day it was based on something that was none of our business.READ MORE

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