Kennedy Assassination Doc Released Friday Transcribes Lee Harvey Oswald Conversations with Russians


The first document in the new batch of John F. Kennedy assassination materials released on Friday contains transcripts of intercepted conversations between Lee Harvey Oswald and the Russian embassy in Mexico City.

“I need some visas to go to Odessa,” Oswald tells the Russians less than two months before the assassination of the president of the United States. But the ex-Marine, who had defected to the Soviet Union in 1959 only to return home in 1962 with a wife, runs into Russian red tape.

Had Oswald endured a less frustrating experience dealing with bureaucrats, the course of history might have been entirely different.

“According to the letter that he showed from the Consulate in Washington, he wants to go to Russia and stay for a long time with his wife who is Russian,” the Russians in Mexico City note. “But we have received no answer from Washington, and it will probably take four or five months. We cannot give a visa here without asking Washington. He says he belongs to a pro-Cuban organization and the Cubans cannot give him a visa without his first getting a Russian visa. I do not know what to do with him.”

Oswald discusses visiting the Soviet embassy in Mexico City and enlists the aide of the Cuban embassy there to facilitate his planned departure from the United States to the USSR. Despite their help, he appears stymied by the Russians, who blame the Americans for not responding to their requests.

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