Katie Couric, ethics-free filmmaker, to return briefly to NBC to co-anchor the news

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Yahoo News’ Katie Couric will appear for one week in January as the co-anchor of the “Today” show’s news desk, a move that comes just months after she and a team of documentarians were caught deceptively editing an interview with a pro-Second Amendment group.


Amazingly enough, the L.A. Times’ report on Couric’s brief return to NBC makes no mention of the scandal she was recently caught up in over unethical editing of a taped interview. Instead, the article says only, “She recently produced ‘Under the Gun,’ a documentary about gun violence in the U.S.”

There is much, much more to that story. Couric and filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig were caught earlier this year selectively editing that documentary so as to make members of a Virginia pro-firearms group look foolish and, in the process, advance her film’s editorial viewpoint. – READ MORE

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