“Just F**king Nail Her”: CNN Employee Recounts Jeff Zucker Control Room Meltdown During Kellyanne Conway Interview (VIDEO)


This week, undercover CNN footage from Project Veritas provided an unfiltered look into rampant bias at the network, pundits’ true thoughts on Joe Biden, and now this: an employee recounts the time CEO Jeff Zucker frantically pushed interviewer Jake Tapper to ‘fucking nail’ Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

In the undercover video obtained by now-fired CNN contractor (and former Democrat) Cary Poarch,  CNN Media Coordinator, Christian Sierra, recounts Zucker’s control-room drama.

 “Jeff Zucker goes into the control room while Jake Tapper is interviewing Kellyanne Conway…”

Sierra says Zucker orders Tapper: “Keep going, keep going, keep going!” and tells the Executive Producer to skip commercials, extend 7-minute interview to 25 minutes…

Sierra on Zucker’s control room command: “Just f**king nail her!” –Project Veritas – READ MORE

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