Judge calls for Joe Arpaio to face charges over alleged ongoing racial profiling


A federal judge has recommended that Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, a leading ally of Republican nominee Donald Trump, face criminal charges of contempt of court for ignoring orders in a racial profiling case that found that he violated Latinos’ civil rights.

District judge Murray Snow wrote in a ruling on Friday that another judge would have the final decision regarding whether to charge Arpaio with contempt for hisillegal immigration patrols, which he continued for months after Snow ordered them stopped.

Snow also said there was probable cause to believe that Arpaio intentionally failed to turn over records that he had promised, under oath, to give to the court.

The records were from a secret investigation that Arpaio’s foes say focused on Snow in an attempt to discredit him. The sheriff has vigorously insisted that he didn’t investigate Snow, and that the inquiry was instead about widespread identity theft. – READ MORE

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