Jesse Jackson: In Texas AK-47s ‘Can Bring Down Airplanes’


During the July 10 airing ofFox News Sunday, Jesse Jackson said that AK-47s in Texas “can bring down airplanes.”

Jackson’s discussion of guns began with his criticism of “military-style weapons on the streets.”

Guest-host Shannon Bream countered Jackson, pointing out that the phrase “military-style weapons” conjures up the image of the machine guns in the minds of listeners. She said it is “important to make a distinction” between gun types, particularly in light of the fact that the Dallas gunman used a semiautomatic rifle, not an automatic one.

Jackson then attempted to counter Bream’s point, saying, “Yes, but in Texas these militarized AK-47s, not only can they shoot up theaters and churches, they can bring down airplanes.” – READ MORE

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