James Comey reminded of his exposed memos as he resists private testimony for fear of leaks


Former FBI Director James Comey is taking some heat after announcing on Thanksgiving that he would “resist” a subpoena to appear for a closed-door deposition with a joint congressional task force for fear of Republicans selectively leaking his testimony to the public.

His critics expressed astonishment at what they said was the hypocrisy of a top law enforcement official who leaked memos he had written of his private conversations with President Trump to the media now complaining about targeted leaks.

“It’s total hypocrisy on the former director’s part. But he doesn’t sense it. Or, maybe he does, and simply doesn’t care to acknowledge b/c it aids his current cause …,” said ex-FBI supervisory special agent James Gagliano, who has been critical of Comey in the past.

Tom Fitton, the president of conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, said “Mr. Comey stole and leaked @RealDonaldTrump’s FBI files in order to, by his own admission, get a special counsel appointed.”

Fitton was reacting to the tweet from Comey on Thursday, which alerted the public to the subpoena. – READ MORE

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