James Comey Claims FBI Agents Won’t Be Paid For Christmas Because Of Shutdown. He’s Wrong.


Former FBI Director James Comey continued to prove why he no longer has a job, by claiming Sunday that “FBI families will spend Christmas without a paycheck.”

He then attacked President Donald Trump over the border wall and sent “thoughts” to public servants.

Comey is, of course, absolutely wrong about the state of pay for FBI agents, as attorney and Federalist contributor Gabriel Malo pointed out.

“Per OMB guidance, checks for Pay Period 26 (December 9-22) will be processed as usual. Which means federal employees will get their normal direct deposit between December 28 and January 3,” Malor tweeted in response to Comey. “It’s the paychecks *after* that, starting with Pay Period 1, that are stopped.” – READ MORE

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