ISIS’ loss of its caliphate signals the end of one type of ISIS – and the beginning of a new one


“Islamic State is not finished,” Aaron Y. Zelin, of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told The New York Times . “IS has a plan, and that is to wait out their enemies locally in order to gain time to rebuild their networks while at the same time provide inspiration to followers outside to keep fighting their enemies farther away.”

Hassan, writing in The National, said US-backed forces could engender further conflict by ignoring the “local context” – including allying with groups of whom the local population is suspicious – of the regions where they’re fighting.

“The point is that victory against extremists cannot be accomplished by dropping bombs,” Hassan wrote. “When the US entered Syria in 2014, it ignored the broader context and environment from which ISIL emerged.”

It’s “the kind of short-sightedness,” that usually brings US forces back to the region to “fight a threat they previously did not finish properly,” Hassan added. – READ MORE

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