Iran Confirmed As ‘Largest Backer’ Of Israel’s Enemy


The Islamic Republic of Iran has restored its status as the largest backer of the Gaza based terrorist organization Hamas, one of the group’s new leaders Yahya Sinwar bragged to reporters Monday.

Iran and Hamas are adherents to different sects of Islam but are united in their existential opposition to the state of Israel. The Islamic republic has long been a backer of the terrorist movement but had a high profile break in 2011 over Hamas’s refusal to support the government of Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. Hamas instead endorsed a Sunni-led rebellion against the Assad government.

These grievances appear to have been overcome. “The relationship today is developing and returning to what it was in the old days, This will be reflected in the resistance (against Israel) and in (Hamas’s) agenda to achieve the liberation,” Sinwar declared. They are “the largest backer financially and militarily,” he continued.

Sinar added that “thousands of people work every day to make rockets, (dig) tunnels and train frogmen,” clarifying that “the relationship with Iran is in this context.” Israel and Hamas previously have clashed over Hamas rocket attacks and attempts to destroy the terrorist group’s extensive tunnel network.

Palestinian sources told the Times of Israel in March “that Iran views the new agreement with Hamas as an opportunity to build a strong Sunni alliance as it continues its fight against the Gulf states, the Palestinian Authority, and other regional foes.”

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