Internet From Power Lines? AT&T Unveils New Millimeter Wave Technology Project


AT&T has announced a project that can potentially offer low-cost and multi-gigabit Internet connectivity to urban, rural and underserved parts of the world. Called Project AirGig, the wireless technology consists of using traditional power lines to deliver ultra-fast wireless connectivity to a home or handheld device using a special transmitter. AT&T Labs will be field testing AirGig, which is faster than standard broadband, in 2017.

“Project AirGig has tremendous potential to transform internet access globally – well beyond our current broadband footprint and not just in the United States,” said John Donovan, AT&T’s chief strategy officer and group president, in a statement. “The results we’ve seen from our outdoor labs testing have been encouraging, especially as you think about where we’re heading in a 5G world. To that end, we’re looking at the right global location to trial this new technology next year.” – READ MORE

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