In Politically Polarized U.S., State Secession Talk Gains Steam


Secession talk ranges from sardonic social media posts to heartfelt political movements.

Great Britain’s recent vote to leave the European Union has encouraged secessionists in the U.S. – fromCalifornia and Texas to Vermont – who view their state as distinct from the country as a whole.

The secession talk ranges from sardonic social media posts to the heartfelt commitment of organizers who conduct opinion polls and are pushing for independence votes in their own states.

In the run up to almost every presidential election, partisans on both sides of the political spectrum threaten to move to a country likeCanada or Ireland if the other side wins. But this election is different.

While popular support for exiting the U.S. remains at minuscule levels even in those states with established secessionist movements, the increased discussion and prominence of the notion is a reflection of the nation’s political polarization. Indeed, by some measures, America is at its most divided since the Civil War. – READ MORE

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